Louis-Evrard Desanlis: the sky as art

From September 29 to October 29, 2023 in the exhibition halls of the famous Moscow art school named after. Valentin Serov at Prechistinka 32/1, building 1, an exhibition of paintings by Louis-Evrard Desanlis - “Under the Same Sky” (“Sous le Même Ciel”) took place. The pictorial canvas of a modern French artist is a dynamic field created from rhythm, color and light, which Eugene Delacroix once invented in a completely different way and in a multi-color palette.

Vernissage of the painting exhibition “Under the Same Sky” in Moscow, October 2023
The exhibition was organized by the Center for International, Cultural and Business Cooperation “Culture for Life”; Charitable Foundation named after. Mogilevtsev brothers; GBUDO Moscow "Children's Art School named after. V.A. Serov". The curator of the exhibition was Galina Vasilyevna Merzlikina, president of the center for international, cultural and business cooperation “Culture for Life”, vice-president of the Konstantin Korovin Foundation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage “Let’s Save Together”.
The exhibition featured 50 works, among which the “Horizons” series of works is particularly expressive. The “Horizons” series was painted by the artist in 2017 under the impression of the vast expanses of Russia. This series reflected the dialogue between Russia and France.

Louis-Evrard Desanlis. Painting, photo courtesy: Louis-Evrard Desanlis
Most of the works are dedicated to one of the most beautiful natural and existential phenomena - the sky. “The sky has many states and changes every second,” says Louis-Evrard Desanlis, “I try to capture and convey the magic of the moment in order to feel unity with the whole world.”

Louis-Evrard Desanlis. Vernissage of the painting exhibition “Under the Same Sky” in Moscow, October 2023
From the Horizons paintings came the inspiration for a new series of works - Paris and Normandy Etudes, as well as Summer French Etudes. New works, executed in the open air, convey the impression and state of the landscape. The Mental Landscape is musical, like any symphony it has its own number, following one after another. The material gives texture to the work and reflects the artist’s intent. In addition to the artist’s favorite Lanavangards, flamboine and fabriano papers were used in the creation of the series, and for the summer series, craft paper. Linearity and monochrome, acrylic and mixed media are the means through which the mental landscape is transformed into form and music, conveying the air of the Normandy seaside or the colors of Paris. Cafe "De La Paix", depicted by the artist Konstantin Korovin, seen in a new way by Louis-Evrard Desanlis, is a modern interpretation of the joyful atmosphere of Paris as a “A Moveable Feast”.

Louis-Evrard Desanlis. Painting, photo courtesy: Louis-Evrard Desanlis
François Michaud, deputy director of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, opened a retrospective exhibition of Mark Rothko. According to François Michaud, Louis-Evrard Desanlis is a modern French, but spiritual Rothko. The exhibition in Moscow is a most interesting experience in the study of artistic effects that are formed on different types of paper. The different textures – either royal lanavanguard paper or rough craft paper – reflect movement, depth of color and light.

Louis-Evrard Desanlis. Painting, photo courtesy: Louis-Evrard Desanlis
On October 27, 2023, at the request of the President of the Center for International and Cultural-Business Cooperation “Culture for Life” Galina Vasilyevna Merzlikina, prominent figures of culture, art, and education were awarded for “Labor Valor” of Russia. French artist Louis-Evrard Desanlis was also presented with this award.

Louis-Evrard Desanlis. Painting, photo courtesy: Louis-Evrard Desanlis

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