• Hotel Nolinski Paris designed by Jean-Louis Deniot, photographer Guillaume de Laubier, photo courtesy Hotel Nolinski Paris

    Hotel Nolinski Paris: design theater by Jean-Louis Deniot

    Exquisite beauty, complete harmony, and sophisticated luxury, embodied in enveloping comfort, meet you already in the lobby of the fashionable Parisian hotel Nolinski Paris. The famous French decorator Jean-Louis Deniot is the author of the interior of this five-star hotel. The designer brilliantly conveyed authentic French charm, elusive but recognizable and infinitely attractive in its image and every specific detail. It is inherent only in the refined aristocracy of the French lifestyle in Paris. At the Nolinski Paris Hotel, you will feel it every second. Here you will touch a feeling to be a real Parisian, endlessly in love with his hometown, its history, and culture.