• Ottomano handrails designed by Michele Marcon for Olev, photo courtesy Olev

    Theatrical lighting by Michele Marcon and Olev

    Italian designer Michele Marcon created luminous Ottomano handrails for Olev, a manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures, more commonly known among interior designers as architectural light. Ottomano wall lighting fixture is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Aquaria thermal spa in Sirmione, interior designer Elena Onga of the A4IDEA studio, lighting systems by OLEV, photo courtesy OLEV, photographer Tommy Ilai

    New light of Aquaria spa in Sirmione

    The new technology is taking over the interior design world, especially the revolutionary lighting systems, which have become a focal point for modern architects. A remarkable example of this transformation can be found in the interior of the world-famous Aquaria thermal spa in the Italian town of Sirmione.
    Italian architect Elena Ogna of the A4IDEA architectural bureau embodied the image of flowing water using OLEV lighting systems specially created for this