• Dining table Oxymoron, design Massimo Castagna for Henge

    ISaloni 2018: Oxymoron table by Henge

    The craftsmanship and modern design is combined in the concept of the Oxymoron dining table by Henge. The table became the central piece of furniture at the Henge stand at the Milan furniture fair ISaloni 2018.

  • table-planet Earth, design Renzo Piano for Riva1920, photo Riva1920

    ISaloni 2018: table-planet Earth by Renzo Piano for Riva1920

    Continents, islands and oceans of the Earth – this idea was expressed by the famous Italian architect and designer Renzo Piano in the model of the design table Earth for Riva1920. This table was the most interesting and intricate design model at the stand of Riva1920, at the Milan furniture fair ISaloni 2018.

  • airmchairs Carve 07, design Paola Navone for Gervasoni, photo Gervasoni

    ISaloni 2018: ajour Carve 07 by Paola Navone for Gervasoni

    Aesthetic brutality, informality and casuality as a style of Italian designer Paola Navone perfectly expressed in her design of airmchairs Carve 07for Gervasoni. Their high backs attract the eye with ajour openwork, which contrasts with the mostly emphasized brutal shape of the seat and legs.

  • Hiking cabin in Norway, design SPINN Arkitekter, foto Tor Even Mathisen

    Hiking cabin in Norway by SPINN Arkitekter

    Norwegian architects from SPINN Arkitekter studio created a design hiking cabin from wood, which was assembled as a puzzle. It is a refuge for fans of hiking and outdoor activities in the mountains, to reflect looking at Northern lights and Northern nature of Norway. It is located on top of a mountain overlooking the most northern city in Europe – Hammerfest. The second hut should be built on another mountain, on the other side of the city.