Porcelain "Queen's Garden" by Evgenia Miro for IFZ

The new collection of porcelain tableware "Queen's Garden" is the first project of renowned Russian designer Evgenia Miro for the Russian porcelain manufacturer - IFZ – the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg. Before this project, Evgenia worked exclusively with famous French porcelain manufacturers, such as Hermès, J. Seignolles, and Serdaneli.

The developed tea and table service concept consists of a tea pair and three plate patterns, each of which has an original drawing designed by Evgenia Miro.Porcelain tableware collection "Queen's Garden" designed by Evgenia Miro for IFZ, photo courtesy IFZ

The collection's color palette rests on a soft contrast: white background and expressive burgundy color of the pattern, a combination of a classic traditional porcelain pattern and multi-colored stripes framing it. "The original design of the collection is inspired by beauty and depth of burgundy color, as a symbol of greatness and love of life. White color, the basis of porcelain, is a symbol of purity. The complexity of the drawing is the desire to convey sophistication and tenderness. The increasing rhythm of the colored stripes creates the dynamics and rhythm of different parts of the drawing. In the models of plates, where straight color stripes and a classic pattern are combined, the design concept hinges on color dominants," explains Evgenia Miro.

Porcelain tableware collection "Queen's Garden" designed by Evgenia Miro for IFZ, photo courtesy IFZ

Evgenia Miro


Evgenia Miro is design expert, worldwide famous Russian designer and artist, connoisseur of contemporary decor. Evgenia gives lectures in Russia and various European countries, she also shares with readers of DesignGlob her expert opinions.