Trends of Maison & Objet 2021

At the international fair Maison & Objet 2021, which took place in Paris in September 2021 after a one-year break, designers demonstrated new ideas in interior decoration and the invention of new original items for the home. The Maison & Objet fair is rightfully considered the best accessory fair in the world. From year to year, this Parisian fair demonstrates a wide variety of innovative accessories from all around the world - lamps, fabrics, tableware, furniture, art objects, gifts, souvenirs, and other innumerable items that form home decor. We visited the fair and selected some of the most interesting articles from this year's collection.

Les Inséparables vase by Audrey Jezic, photo courtesy Audrey Jezic Céramiques and Maison & Objet
The original artists' ceramics in various incarnations, and especially in stylized primitive images, has gained extraordinary popularity. It gives the interior a bright, almost relief personality. For example, this Les Inséparables vase by French ceramist Audrey Jezic, that represents a prominent example of functional sculpture.

Obu mirrors by Beaverhausen for Deknudt Mirrors, photo courtesy Deknudt Mirrors
On the other hand, the Obu mirror collection, designed by Beaverhausen for the Belgian company Deknudt Mirrors, belongs to the sphere of refined and sophisticated objects.

Steps vases by Pols Potten, photo courtesy Pols Potten
Other items of a high design aesthetics are steps vases from Pols Potten made of transparent smoky glass and Hurricane collection vases from Ju. made of blown glass – red and green.

Hurricane vases by Ju., photo Angelina Vin
Absolutely extraordinary flowers - art objects are created by designer William Amor, Paris studio Les créations messagères, from used plastic. These are real miracles!

Flowers by William Amor, Les créations messagères studio, photo courtesy Les créations messagères
Art objects made of the thinnest bamboo sticks, which are invented by designer and artist Regis Lesserteur, are weightless and ephemeral. This is the lightest decor both visually and physically.

Bamboo sculptures by Regis Lesserteur, photo courtesy Regis Lesserteur

Bamboo sculptures by Regis Lesserteur, photo courtesy Regis Lesserteur
The Twisty Grid chair, designed by Yang Gao, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China, is as elegant as the accessories but more of a curious constructive design than a decor. It is a brilliant example of how the minimalism of material and forms in everything, is embodied in the maximalism of design. For this work, the dedsigner received the Maison & Objet Design Award China.

Twisty Grid chair by Yang Gao, photo courtesy Maison & Objet
The constructive novelties also include the Frequency shelf by French designer Jean Couvreur for the French brand Kataba. From his shelves-modules, one can either assemble any large bookstand or use only a few of these modules.

Frequence bookshelves by Jean Couvreur for Kataba, photo courtesy Maison & Objet
The lightings at the Maison & Objet fair were especially interesting and diverse. Notably, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency presented the “Budapest Select” collection. One of the most appealing collection items is the stylish Leaf chandeliers designed by Dániel Máto for the Loomiosa brand. It is a visual abstraction on the palm leave theme.

Leaf lightings by Dániel Máto for Loomiosa, photo courtesy Loomiosa

The collection of Hommage lamps by designer Miklos Leite for the Microlicht brand is also novel and attractive. The lamps are handcrafted from fine porcelain discs. The collection includes a sconce, a floor lamp and a chandelier.

Hommage lightings by Miklos Leite for Microlicht, photo Angelina Vin

The most unusual lightings in terms of functionality are lamps from the Demì collection, Youandme brand. Some can serve as table lamps or sconces, and others as floor lamps and sconces. They can also be used outdoors, in the garden, or on the terrace.

Demì lightings by Youandme, photo Angelina Vin

The most stylish lamps are - a collection of Blass LED lamps from Oleant, Frinch lamps by Zsuzsanna Horvath, sconces Jets d'eau...jets de joie... un éclat...pour 2021 by brand Sopha Industries. The collection of chrome Gocce sconces from Fuori luogo can even occupy an endless wall, you can create a variety of wall compositions from them. These lightings are from the category of stylish pop art.

Blass lightings by Oleant, photo Angelina Vin

We are looking forward to the novelties of the January Maison & Objet 2022 fair!

Gocce lightings by Fuori luogo, photo Angelina Vin

Demì lightings by Youandme, photo Angelina Vin

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