Art graffiti by SpaghettiWall

Italian designer Gian Paolo Venier has applied macro graphics in developing the wallpapers’ collection for the new SpaghettiWall brand.

The wallpapers’ collection Hypernature, Hinted, and Bloom, designer Gian Paolo Venier for SpaghettiWall, photo courtesy SpaghettiWall
The collection includes three prints Hypernature, Hinted, and Bloom. Hypernature is a spectacular wall art based on a big patterned circle, a symbol of nature and peace that will always dominate the interior. This decorative motif is available in various color variations, from black and white to very bright shades, making the wallpaper an endless abstract wall painting for your home. A mini version of this pattern in great quantity gives the room a completely different look.

The wallpapers’ collection Hypernature, designer Gian Paolo Venier for SpaghettiWall, photo courtesy SpaghettiWall
The graphics of the Hinted and Bloom models focus on the interpretation of the botanical theme. In three color versions of Hinted, colored strokes outline silhouettes of vases with stems of plants and flowers. It is a giant sketch in one color. In Gian Paolo Venier's Bloom, petals and white flowers form a geometric pattern of squares against a background.
Hypernature, Hinted, and Bloom models come with options of sound deadening or water-resistant properties for use in all environmental conditions.

Yury Gryazin

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