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Evgenia Miro is design expert, worldwide famous Russian designer and artist, connoisseur of contemporary decor. Evgenia gives lectures in Russia and various European countries, she also shares with readers of DesignGlob her expert opinions.

Evgenia Miro was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. After the graduation from Kharkov Art College, the desire to keep on studying the art professionally and the passion for art brought Evgenia Miro to St. Petersburg Art Academy, which Evgenia graduated from with honors.

After the Art Academy Evgenia studied and worked in England, at the Fashion School of David Jones. In cooperation with David Jones, the artist brought to life her first project “Time” in London. While working together with the different fashion designers, Miro created collections for London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

The first meeting with the House of Hermès in 2004 changed the life of the artist in many ways. Nowadays, Evgenia works with the leading high fashion brands and designers, such as Hermès, YSL, Rado, Pierre Frey, Emaux de Longwy, Haviland, Serdaneli, Beauvillé, J.Seignolles, Rati, Provasi, Alberotanza, Abrau-Durso, Imperial (Lomonosov) Porcelain.

Miro faces many new and challenging tasks cooperating with the fashion brands, such as following a brand style, realization of the manufacturing nuances, keeping up with the high standards of the luxury fashion designer houses. However, the passion for creation and a fantastic ability of the artist to show the beauty of the Russian ornament stylistics always helps. In her works, Evgenia Miro, the first Russian artist of the House of Hermes, aims to show the depth of the symbolism of the Russian culture.

The artist created more than 500 collections during the years of cooperation with the leading fashion design houses. Nowadays Evgenia Miro is one of the few, if not the only one worldwide recognized Russian artist in the world of fashion.

The works of Evgenia - ceramics, graphics, panels, stained glass, mosaics, painting on porcelain and silk, papier-mâché- more than 300 artworks are in the private collections in France, The UK, Australia, the USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Russia.

Native Ukraine became a never-ending source of the love of color, decorative motives, rhythm and flexibility in the artist’s works, whether it is porcelain, faïence, mosaics, papier-mâché, collages, theater decorations or transparent paper in the style of "shadow theater.” Evgenia designed works for the theaters, The Fashion Houses, fashion designers, and stores. The artist created several projects in cooperation with The Mariinsky Theatre and The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra.

The tremendous professional experience, acquired while working on art projects in France, England and Russia, led to the artist’s desire to study the world design culture and gave an opportunity to live and work in Paris, the capital of the world culture, since 2009 to continue creating new projects.

One of the essential and beloved themes of Evgenia Miro is the work on the private projects and exploring the World culture of symbolism-as a Unity and Versatility of Man’s path in this world.

“The essence of art is the rhythm, flexibility, and love of what you do, which help to create the design in different styles and directions “ - says Evgenia.

Awards and Recognitions:

- June 22, 2015, The cultural association of France "LA RENAISSANCE FRANCAISE" awarded the Russian designer Evgenia Miro with the medal for her contribution to the culture of France in the fields of culture, science, and diplomacy.

- April 11, 2016, Evgenia Miro won the Franco-Russian award Du Gueclin at the Literary Salon in Paris in the fields literature and visual arts (children's fairy-tale book with illustrations)

- February 5, 2019, Evgenia Miro was awarded the Medal “For the Development of Russian Thought named I.A. Ilyina "(for social activities in education, legal awareness and journalism)

- Ambassador of the Association of Object Design (Russia)

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