H2O Wellness Boutique - new luxury relax area in Milan

The new luxury H2O Wellness Boutique, has opened its doors in the stylish STRAFhotel&bar, situated in a historical building of the XIX century, a few steps from the Duomo Cathedral, in the very heart of Milan. The author of the interior project is the well-known Italian designer and architect, Vincenzo De Cotiis. He created a timeless design - a modern interpretation of the wellness space, which will remain always sustainable and fashionable.

H2O Wellness Boutique in STRAFhotel&bar, designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis, Milan, photo courtesy STRAFhotel&bar
Vincenzo De Cotiis chose the symbols of infinity, balance, and harmony - the arch and the mirror - as the formative elements of the wellness boutique interior designed in the minimalist style. The elegant small arches serve as windows’ openings. The more prominent arched six-foot passages separate and harmonize the wellness area. Mirrors multiply the H2O Wellness Boutique space to visual infinity, which contributes to complete relaxation even in the center of one of the most dynamic cities in Italy.
A contrasting tonal range distinguishes H2O Wellness Boutique. Natural finishing materials - black granite on the floors, light golden quartz with a picturesque pattern on the walls, cast brass detailes, and mirrored steel arches emphasize the sophisticated elegance of the interior. The materials were chosen with great care by the designer. They participate in the game of reflections in the mirrors and on every water surface, utilizing a powerful force that helps to restore our emotional balance and strengthen our health.

H2O Wellness Boutique in STRAFhotel&bar, designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis, Milan, photo courtesy STRAFhotel&bar
The idea of the water procedures for health revival invented by ancient Romans - "Salus per aquam" or "Sanitas per aquam ("health through water") is fully embodied both in the space of H2O Wellness Boutique and in wellness procedures for visitors. The H2O Wellness Boutique includes a sauna, a Turkish bath, an emotional shower, a pool with hydro massage. In creating the wellness boutique, the designer Vincenzo De Cotiis follows the general chosen interior concept of the STRAFhotel&bar designed by him in 2003.

Angelina Vin


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